Karen Wilson

Co-Director for ITS Sheffield Ltd & Owner of The Citrus House, Rhodes
My Role in ITS well I’m the one that keeps the wheels turning and keeps our guys in check! my official job description “lifting the profile and shouting loud about what we do”.
I’m the tweeter, the facebooker, the cleaner, the networker, the fruit lady and much much more and have now earnt the title as “Wonderwoman”

In addition to daily ITS duties I’m a mum to our two girls Olivia aged 7 and Megan aged 4. Having set up my own business whilst on maternity leave nearly 8 years ago
I know how hard it can be juggling a new born and a new business in fact it’s not hard its damn right gruelling at times! I have so many goals in life that I couldn’t possibly list them for fear of boring you.
I’m passionate about goals and over the years have learnt that without goals and dreams then there really is no point to life. I’m fortunate enough to set my goals and strive hard to achieve them and so far so good!

Having worked in retail, shipping, logistics, sales, health and wellbeing and now IT and property I’d say my speciality is without a doubt getting the job done. I’m also pretty good at forging really good solid relationships,
thinking outside the box and spotting opportunities.

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