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Hi, I’m glad you dropped in.


I don’t know about you but I believe that blogs should be personal and actually contain some personality; I like to think mine do and I hope you enjoy reading them, please let me know what you think to them.


To give you some idea of who I am, I launched my award winning PR and Marketing services agency in 2002. Essentially I am the agency, except I bring in specialists I trust to do high-quality work for my clients when I need stuff like design, photography and web services. I cut my teeth in PR with the Royal Mail after several years as a broadcast journalist making documentary programmes for the BBC, YTV and Central TV. If you’re as old as me you may remember The Cook Report – I worked on a whole series of it alongside the big man.


My services are heavily geared toward making impacts on the bottom line. I worked with and alongside a host of business support agencies before taking the leap of faith to work for myself. I love marmite and I’ve been told on more than once occasion that my thoughts and beliefs have the same reaction with people – it’s a love hate thing. With nearly 20 years of communication experience behind me I have plenty to draw on both as an adviser and a commentator. I don’t do pithy, I may go in for deeper thinking and strategy –  I always go for the challenge as there’s very little purpose in accepting the status quo if you need to change things is there?


I write on all things PR and marketing (honestly I do) but every now and then I throw in the odd social comment or two.


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