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Change your mind!

They say it’s a woman’s privilege to change her mind, but I’d argue that it’s vital for everyone to have the ability to change your mindset if you want your business to succeed.
I have two good examples where a change in thinking, nothing more than that, enabled two business owners to turn trying times into triumphs.

Revitalise your mojo!

Reached a dead end with your business plan? Can’t concentrate? Work all a bit too much aggro? The dream of running your own company turning into a nightmare?

You’ve lost your mojo; you’re in a bit of a internal-focus slump and, you’ll be glad to know, there’s a very simple way out of it.

That demotivated, I-can’t-get-anything-right-today feeling can be quickly and effectively dispersed by changing your focus from inward to outward.

Instead of thinking about what you and your business can or can’t do, take a time out and concentrate instead on what someone else is doing or has done. In business, it’s always useful to know what your competitors are up to so spend some time finding out what’s going on in the wider world. In doing so, you turn your attention and focus outward and as a result you’ll experience a gush of positive energy.

Only you will know how much time you’ll need to do this – just be prepared to allow yourself as long as necessary to turn your attention fully to something or someone (or some business) other than you or yours. You may need to spend ten minutes, an hour, half a day…however long it takes, you’ll find this is time well spent.

Be a presentation sensation

Think about this: you can’t NOT communicate – even saying nothing says something about you. What you say, the way you say it and the way you present yourself are components of a complicated code the people around you read without realising it.

Good idea, then, to make sure that what you communicate is positive, interesting, appealing, and attractive, especially if you are the face of your business.

So it’s a complete mystery to me why more people don’t take the time and trouble to develop a decent presentation style. Making a presentation, speaking in public, standing up on front of a group of people and communicating some information – these are the occasions for which you have the time to prepare, to practise, to hone your skills.

And if you’re prepared to put the effort in to making your presentations more effective, more interesting, more compelling, you’ll get the benefit of a brilliant side-effect.

You become more confident, more effective, more interesting, more compelling.

Here are three dead-cert ways to improve the way you deliver a presentation:

1.    Practise visualising yourself making a great presentation. If you’re nervous about public speaking, and lots of people are, your negative side has contributed to many a negative mind-movie in which you make a complete mess of standing up in front of people and saying your piece. Turn the tables by consciously creating a mind-movie showing you completely captivating your

The Golden Rule of Writing

Writing for public consumption can be a scary business. You want to sound as though you know what you’re talking about, certainly, but you probably don’t want to sound too formal either.

Readability and clarity is vital, especially on the web, but equally important on a one-off flier and your company brochure.

There’s a simple rule you can follow, in everything you write, that was explained to me by my first newspaper editor more than 30 years ago. It’s simple and it will ensure you get your message across, whatever your message, whatever your audience, whether you’re writing for a company brochure or your website, or simply sending a blog to your faithful fans.

Warning: SEO at work!

This post is by Hazel Walker


You’re no doubt familiar with SEO, search engine optimisation. If you’re a widget maker in Essex and you’ve had your site optimised, people who put “widget maker in Essex” into Google have a much better chance of finding you than if you didn’t have your site optimised.

Fine and dandy, if all you’re looking for is a high ranking in Google. If you’re looking for customers, however, you might want to bear in mind the cautionary tale of my client, I’ll call her Freda.

Fire up your automatic success mechanism

Are you making the most of your ASM, your automatic success mechanism? Did you even know you’ve got one?

You have, and you can get it primed for action quickly and easily. What have you got to lose?

The whole concept of ASM is the brainchild of the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, an American cosmetic surgeon who…wait a sec, is this just another mad I’m-a-guru-and-can-make-you-rich-while-relieving-you-of-your-life-savings scam?

Boost your motivation

This post is by Hazel Walker


It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s grey. We’re still in the post-Christmas slump. Our new year resolutions are history and our motivation is zilch.

Great! We’re in the perfect state for a motivation booster that will give our get-up-and-go an injection of zest and put us in the ideal frame of mind to push our businesses into a faster, fitter, fresher phase.

Try this three-step process and see for yourself how quickly you start to feel inspired to move on up. Clear an hour in your desk diary, or do this at home instead of watching the soaps!