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When It Comes to Networking – You Are an Animal

NetworkingNow we all have our own styles or at least we see other people’s when networking, have you ever wondered which category of networker you fit into? Well here goes. Which one fits you the best? (Please don’t take offence – these are done with tongue in cheek – but may strike a few nerves!).


Networking – Are You Preparing to Fail by Failing to Prepare?

NetworkingSo you’ve made your choice about which networking groups you want to be part of and you’re attending on a regular basis – so now what?

Well, how about some key pointers about what you should be doing to get the most out of the event?

Go Prepared

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people turn up without business cards! If you have marketing material or sales brochures take them along – sometimes there will be a specific place at the meeting where you can display such things.

Are You Paying the Price for Networking?

NetworkingHaving been a networker for a number of years now, it is very clear to me that networking costs!

It soon adds up doesn’t it? The joining fee, the one time admin charge for a new member, plus a weekly/fortnightly/monthly cost for the breakfast/lunch/etc.

You Must Be Mad Joining A Networking Group!

NetworkingBefore joining any networking group there are some key considerations that you should make. Here we take a look at 10 things for you to ask yourself before you commit to any networking organisation or even if you are already a member of one!
1. Cost

Weigh up the overall financial implication to your business and the likely return you are going to get on your investment. 4Networking for example could cost you over £700 in the first year (if you attended each fortnightly meeting).

The 3 Secrets Of Successful People

Do you want to achieve all of your goals and dreams?

Do you want to live a successful life?

If your answers are ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then read on.

A lot of people fail to live the life that they desire because they do not have what it takes within them. As a result, they fail to produce the outcomes that they wish.

So, if you’re different and you’re prepared to do what it takes to be successful on your own terms, here are the three secrets that will get you there.

The first secret is knowing what you want

7 Ways To Excel As A Leader

1. Focus on your strengths

Why try to be a pilot if you’re a better engineer? Find out what you’re good at and build on it. You are much more likely to excel as a leader if you know what it is you can do and accept what you can’t.

2. Delegate

If you have no time to spare in developing your areas of weakness, turn to your team instead. If you must excel as a leader, learn to delegate.

10 Tips For Finding More Clients

Getting new business clients or reviving old customers is much simpler than we make it.

Most times we cannot see the wood for the trees, so here are 10 tips to bring back the basics into your business.

1. Tap into old business for new business

Begin to ask your existing clients for more business when they are buying from you; e.g. remind them of all the products or services you have that they might need.

Ask satisfied customers for new referrals – everyone knows people you don’t know.

Time Management And Goal Setting

Time Management And Goal Setting From the beginning mankind has endeavoured to make better use of time as evidenced by the recording and tracking of time.

Beginning with the sundial to the modern calendar, the need to manage time has been a matter of great concern, in the personal as well as the professional arenas of life, for thousands of years.

Time management today integrates diverse methods of recording time, helping to identify obstacles to the efficient use of time.

Constructive use in making long and short term goals is the best and easiest way to manage time.

There are numerous methods that can be used to help organise and prioritise the goals to be achieved. The major element in the overall effective use of time is incorporating essentials of the goal setting process.

By setting goals and implementing them, in your professional and personal life, you can effectively manage your time and, as a result, become more productive.

Secure Funding Through Business Angels

If you are looking for funding for your business and you have exhausted the 3 F’s – friends, family and fools; and you no longer have a line of credit with your bank, nor other sources of funding, then business angels may be your next port of call.

Typically business angels are high net worth individuals or companies with funding behind them that are interested in investing money into companies where they will receive a handsome return for the money they have put in.

The amounts involved range from £25,000 to £750,000 for which you give away a stake in your business in the form of shares. Usually business angels will also want to be personally involved with the business or may appoint a non-executive director to oversee their investment and help with the company’s performance to plan. In addition, they are looking for high returns – in the region of 20-30 percent per annum over the lifetime of the investment which in most cases will be 3-5 years.

Meetings, Bl**dy Meetings!

“Meetings are a waste of time. I’m just too busy to spend time in meetings. I’ve got too much work to do”. Sound familiar? And when I hear this I often do see people flying around frantically fire fighting, often getting lots of interruptions and not being at all sure where they are going. Does that sound familiar too?

Do You Have An Exit Strategy For Your Business?

When you started your business, did you have a vision about where it would take you and how you would eventually exit the business?

If not, it is something you should consider and plan for so that you maximise the return on your years of investment; time and money!

There are a number of different options available for disposing of a business and some important considerations to make before you close the door of your business behind you.

Key Mistakes That Sellers Make

Automating Twitter: Beware of the Dangers

Being a bit of a geek, I thought it would be great to use technology to help generate tweets to my followers. So, having checked out the likes of SocialOomph and Futuretweets – I thought great, this is right up my street to manage a 3 month campaign to automate various tweets on articles, case studies, newsletters, blogs and various other business related links. (Hmm – note to self, it’s sounding ‘spammy’ as I’m writing this).

Strategy – What’s Your Next Move?

There are over 4.5 million businesses in the UK and every year 400,000 are formed, with nearly as many failing. Most businesses stay small or plateau at a certain turnover without being able to grow – probably because business owners are working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ it; making tactical day to day decisions rather than strategic ones.

So what distinguishes a successful business?

How about the following?:

• Knowing your strengths and weaknesses
• Having targets in place
• A business plan covering all aspects of the business
• Effective targets and measurements in place
• Ensuring that product and service offerings meet the needs of the market
• Ability to create a competitive edge
• Efficient, clear and consistent business processes
• Inspired and driven leadership

Getting back to your core competencies and strengths in order to focus and build upon them is where having a strategy is important.

So where to start?