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Mastermind your way to success

MastermindI belong to a Mastermind group and I’m surprised at how few people know about this as a means of developing your business. ¬†Everyone I know who has taken part in a Mastermind group over a period of time has got enormous value from them, so I thought I enlighten those of you who don’t know about them, or have heard about them and only have a vague idea of what they’re about.

The business of business

OrganigramIf you’ve ever been promoted you have probably found yourself doing a job that wasn’t what you set out to do – and may be a job you don’t have the skills for. ¬†

Training is the tip of the iceberg

Tip of the icebergI used to be a management trainer with a consultancy both in the United Arab Emirates and in the UK. Everything went really well and we conducted lots of training programmes for a wide range of companies in everything from customer service to quality programmes. Then one day our best client came along and said “We love your training, everyone comes out full of enthusiasm and ready for action – BUT, after a while they seem to go back to doing things the old way and end up on the same programme again next year. How can we change this?”

Getting the most from your team

chinese-whispersWhen the Board or senior management team establish the corporate objectives that’s only the start of the journey to achievement. Unfortunately, the journey often stops soon after that, simply because the communication process isn’t geared to success.

Marketing in one hour a week without leaving the office

3 and a half steps imageMost people know that marketing online is a) powerful and b) mostly free – but don’t know where to start, or have tried a bit and found it gobbles up hours of their precious time. There is a simple system that can make it easy, the secret is in investing a little time setting up and the discipline to schedule in an hour a week to run it.

What do you need to make it work?

Who is your ideal client?

Niche IDI ask my clients this question quite often and the answer is often ‘everybody’ or ‘small business owners’ or something similar. When I ask them to describe the detail of this ideal client – they can’t; nobody can it’s much too general.

If you’re saying ‘I knew that’ then you should be able to describe your ideal client:

Step out of the ordinary

RockChoir imageI sing with the Rock Choir and we’ve been learning ‘Proud’ (Heather Small) this term. The lyrics made me think:

‘Step out of the ordinary; You can feel your soul ascending’

How often do you actually do this – step out of the ordinary?

Random posts v. online marketing strategy

ConversationsTwitter, Facebook and the other social media channels can be addictive! It’s so easy to post your thoughts from desk, tablet or phone and there are some people who feel quantity is the way to get a foothold in the social media-sphere. However, having talked to quite a number of people who are running businesses, it’s astonishing how few actually have an online marketing strategy.

Residual income – are you missing an opportunity?

Computer with booksThere are lots of people who talk about ‘making money while you sleep’, usually network marketers, but there are other ways to make money without exchanging your time for money.

Should you be writing a book?

Lots of business owners write books to help to raise their profile, but is it the right thing for you to do?

If you’ve got lots of valuable information that readers can apply independently of you
If you’ve got a unique approach to a subject with something fresh or new
If you already have a portfolio of blogs, articles or other written material around your specialist subject


How hard do your headlines work?

If you look around you when you’re out and about there are headlines all over the place, in shop windows, on posters, on leaflets, banners and notices. They’re there to grab attention and, mostly they work.

As a business owner you need headlines to grab attention too. On your website, your blog, your marketing flyers, your newsletter and every email you send out to potential clients or sales letter you write. If I had a pound for every website I have visited that had:

Does your website pass the 3-legged stool test?

You have a website to promote your business, but how well does it perform?

A good website needs three strong and stable ‘legs’ – these are:

Traffic – without people coming to your website it doesn’t matter how well-designed or compelling your message is
Design – if people take one look at your website and categorise it as ‘amateur’ they’ll just leave again
Message – no matter how many visitors you get and how beautiful your site is, without a powerful message to get their interest you might as well give up.

Everybody’s talking about it …

When it comes to our business isn’t that what we all want? Everyone talking about how good we are, what a great product we’ve got, how fantastic our services are?

Who wouldn’t want to be the subject of daily conversations the way an iPhone or TV programme (like The Apprentice) are? How many people have heard of YouTube videos ‘going viral’ and wish their business video was as popular?

How memorable is your networking presentation?

If you’re a keen networker you are probably very familiar with the 60 second pitch (or in some cases 40 seconds or two minutes). If you’ve been to a lot of networking meetings it’s often hard to remember everyone, lots of people stand up and ‘wing it’ and, occasionally, someone stands out from the crowd, but mostly they all sound pretty much the same.

The challenge we have is finding something really memorable. However, there are a number of ways of embedding your message:

Share your expertise

One of the most effective ways to bring business knocking on your door is to give away your knowledge. If you think this makes no sense – for, after all, if you tell people what you know for free, why would they pay for it – I’ve proved that this works.