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Should you be writing a book?

Lots of business owners write books to help to raise their profile, but is it the right thing for you to do?

If you’ve got lots of valuable information that readers can apply independently of you
If you’ve got a unique approach to a subject with something fresh or new
If you already have a portfolio of blogs, articles or other written material around your specialist subject


Publishing a book – marketing

If you’ve read the previous blogs on getting your book from an idea right through to publication you just have one very important step to complete now: Marketing!

Whether you publish your book through a conventional publishing house or you go down the self-publishing route, your book will not succeed if you don’t make any sales.

Publishing a book – preparation

They say we all have a book in us somewhere, but how many people actually get that book out and use it to help them establish their reputation for being an expert in their field?

This is the first instalment of a guide to getting your book from an idea in your head to a finished production in your hand.