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Does your website pass the 3-legged stool test?

You have a website to promote your business, but how well does it perform?

A good website needs three strong and stable ‘legs’ – these are:

Traffic – without people coming to your website it doesn’t matter how well-designed or compelling your message is
Design – if people take one look at your website and categorise it as ‘amateur’ they’ll just leave again
Message – no matter how many visitors you get and how beautiful your site is, without a powerful message to get their interest you might as well give up.

Should we be mystified by web designers

When starting out in business you have so much to learn and discover.  It can be overwhelming, so when you decide you need a website it can be easy to hand it over to someone else. The number of people who have done this and regret it later are increasing.

Anyone can say they are a web designer, especially with all the easy software that is out there. Even Dreamweaver is much easier than it used to be.  I have designed my website myself for years, from my first business website to my current ones, using lots of different software from Dreamweaver, Mambo, Joomla, WordPress and Fusion.

Who owns your website?

I was talking to a potential client today about helping her to create a website. She already has a website that a website designer has created but if turns out she may not own that site.

What does this mean? Who is the registered name of the domain? Who is the name listed on the hosting?

Why does this matter?
Some might try and tell you if does not matter. But is there a difference in owning a house or renting it?

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As long as things go well and the designer does what you like all is well, but the minute things go wrong you could have nothing but problems. Just because someone dazzles with techno babble does NOT mean they know what they are talking about. In fact that is usually a large red warning flag that they have to mystify in order to get clients rather their have the client understand what they are doing.

Before signing or the line find out who owns the site, both the Intellectual Property and whose name is or the domain and hosting. Also -find out about payment terms. Can you break the contract or are you obligated to pay for a set number of months or years.

Driving More Profit Through E-Commerce

You can read any number of articles that tell you how easy it is to sell online. Set up an e-commerce site, and the sales will just come rolling in.
But there are rather less sources of advice around to tell you how to do it profitably. So here are a few things to consider:-