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Want to really make your linkedIn profile more interesting?


One of the biggest complaints on Linkedin has been the difficulty in adding media rich items to your profile. Before you had to embed a video into a slide share or google presentation but now there is a little icon you need to make your friend.

linkedin media add in icon


this little square with a plus beside it allows you to add a portfolio, presentation, photo or video as long as it has an http:// address attached to it.

The big 5 scary things

The Big 5 Scary Things Being self-employed has its pitfalls and in my two years of being self-employed I think I may have fallen into most of them. When talking to people who are considering leaving employment to work for themselves, these same 5 worries crop up in conversation. It seems these are the Big 5, the things that scare people the most and put them off being self-employed. Here are my experiences with the list of Scary Things…

1. Getting behind on the mortgage – at one stage I owed 4 months’ worth and it was getting to the really scary letter stage…I ignored the letters first. My philosophy was that if I rang them and told them that I still didn’t have the money it would push me over the edge completely. Stupid, eh? Anyhow, in the end I called, got it converted to interest only, made some horrible payments and am now paying off arrears monthly. I still have a roof over my head.

2. The Bank – I put my banking manager’s direct dial in my phone and always answered or called him back ASAP. I had a 2 month period where the company had NOTHING going through the account…so I spoke to the Man at the Bank and told him what steps I had put in place to cut costs, what I planned to do to sort out getting more money into the company and agreed to call back in 4 weeks. Guess what? I got in more money than I’d promised and called him within 2 weeks to tell him. They’ve gone quiet again. Quiet is good in the world of the banks.

3. Loneliness – being self-employed is the loneliest thing in the world at times. My advice is join a networking group such as There you will find likeminded people (nutters) like yourselves who dreamed of being released of the shackles of employment and making it on their own. There you will find great new collaborative suppliers, customers, advice for free, go to motivational meetings that start your day off with a bang (and bangers…poor joke I know…sorry) and probably get a brand new shiny set of mates who get what you’re going through. Go join now.

“Can’t care, don’t care” – How to avoid the “Just send it” moment in your bids

This post is by Sharon Pink

No matter how important this bid is to your business….

No matter how high the value….

No matter how well you know you can deliver to that client…..

….. there comes a point in the development cycle when you just stop caring.

You’ve spent so much time on the research, the planning, the writing and the proofing, so many days staring at the same paragraphs, that you actually can’t see the words objectively any more.  The deadline is looming and, despite your rational mind knowing there are probably lots of things that need correcting and improving, you find yourself saying “Look, just send it”.