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So what does being late to a business appointment say about you?



It always amazes me when people turn up to a business appointment 10, 20 or in one case recently 70 minutes late! Having lived & worked in London I know the perils of travel & the unreliability of public transport, but when the meeting is a few minutes from your home/ office what’s the excuse? What does it say about your respect for the person you’re meeting? For me it makes me feel that they don’t value my services & even if they are paying for my time then I feel guilty that they won’t be getting good value from the time they’ve paid for, even when they have actually made that decision for themselves.

Working at home balance

Some people seem to find working at home really easy, but there has to be a balance.  If you work at home it can be easy to start working early, and then carry on through until it is time for bed, especially if you live alone.

For those who have to stop working at certain times because of a specific task that needs to be done, like pick up the kids from school, you know how important it is to not let time rush by.  Mastering time is very important.  One of my closest friends sets alarms constantly so that she knows when a task was supposed to be finished.

Time Management And Goal Setting

Time Management And Goal Setting From the beginning mankind has endeavoured to make better use of time as evidenced by the recording and tracking of time.

Beginning with the sundial to the modern calendar, the need to manage time has been a matter of great concern, in the personal as well as the professional arenas of life, for thousands of years.

Time management today integrates diverse methods of recording time, helping to identify obstacles to the efficient use of time.

Constructive use in making long and short term goals is the best and easiest way to manage time.

There are numerous methods that can be used to help organise and prioritise the goals to be achieved. The major element in the overall effective use of time is incorporating essentials of the goal setting process.

By setting goals and implementing them, in your professional and personal life, you can effectively manage your time and, as a result, become more productive.

The Distractions of the House

Working from home is a great thing. You can sit on the sofa responding to important emails while still wearing your pyjamas. You can take a business call from bed or send that backlog of invoices out from the comfort of your dining room while you listen to Jeremy Vine on the radio. Or at least that’s what they tell you.

I’m new to the world of working from home and I have yet to fully get to grips with it. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you some of the problems I experience and then ask you how organise yourself when working at home.

Should you choose a Mentor, an Advisor or a Consultant to help you in your business? Or all 3?

This post is by Philippa Bowen

As time goes on the number of people at networking meetings who are describing themselves as a business mentor is increasing rapidly. It made me wonder about the differences (perceived or otherwise) about the roles of a business mentor, a business advisor and a business consultant.