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Some things to think about before setting up a new business


Here are some of the things I tell people who come to me and say they have an idea for a new business or are just setting up in business for themselves for the first time.


  1. Talk to an accountant/ business advisor and get some advice about your business idea. Is it realistic? Is it viable? Don’t just ask family and friends.
  2. decide what form you want the business to take ltd/ llp/ soletrader

Ones to watch:social start ups

Following the successful launch of the photo sharing app Color, which allows you
to see the photos of other Color users that are within 150ft, we thought
we would take a look at other exciting start ups that are soon to be
launch from Silicon Valley and beyond.


latest in location based social software is Posterwalk which turns your
geotags into art. Posterwalk uses your location data and social media
activity to create maps of your life and turn it into a poster. You can
choose the style you want ranging from London Underground Maps for the
city based geek to a world map for the jetset tweeter. Onto these a
range of your tweets, photos and check-ins will be added to show others
how much of a well travelled techy you are. Posterwalk is compatible
with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and AudioBoo