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To sell or not to sell -That is the question!

I want to stir things up!

Selling and Networking do not go together!


But that is the reason to network, some people will say.

No it is not.

You are there to meet get to know people and build relationships.

From building a relationship business will follow.

It may start with someone asking your advice.

Give it freely.

Fancy a Date?

I was talking to someone who had recently started internet dating the other day and was gobsmacked by the number of preferences that you could set when filtering potential matches. 

What surprised me even more though was the range of boxes you could tick to restrict who could contact you. I certainly hadn’t expected that. 

Plan your time for success

As it is the start of the new year there are many people talking about planning and visions and goals.

As you probably know by now, I love to help people to get a great return on investment in their networking – to build relationships so that their business can grow and they can have fun doing it. There is a question that I am often asked that fits in well at this time of year as we are planning our diaries and our projects for the year.

How often or how regularly I suggest or recommend that people go networking or how much time to spend networking?

Work Less, Achieve More

Can I let you in on a little secret? Next year is going to be the year when I work less yet achieve more in terms of results for my business – AND I am going to help as many people as possible along the way to do the same thing.

Interested? Intrigued?

I was thinking about the military. In a military campaign, when the armies need to move forwards, Advance, the person that gives the order is not the person in the thick of it moving the line forwards. Business really needs to be the same. In order for our businesses to advance we need to be the person giving the command, not the foot soldier in the thick of it doing all of the work to make it happen.

Let me share with you what I believe are the 5 keys to being able to work less and achieve more by being, effectively, the person that gives the “Advance” command.

Planning your networking = more success

I am waiting for The Business Club East London launch so I have sought refuge in a coffee shop with what turns out to have lousy music and coffee to match. The wifi really is just as bad too!


I am sitting here thinking about what I want from the launch tonight.  Who I want to meet?  What I want to achieve whilst I watch the city employees scuttle home after their day at work and while I prepare for another few more hours work and not getting home until midnight. And probably a night on the sofa but that is a whole different story!!!


It has been said before that networking is perceived as just a jolly up… Joked that I’m a lady who does breakfast (not lunch or women only events!) but by the very definition networking is working.  I plan to work the room.  I plan to meet my targets.  I plan an outcome.  After all if I fail to plan then I plan to fail; as the saying goes.


My targets for tonight are:

  • Arrive on time or slightly early (coffee shop is less than 1 minute away)
  • Get a contact list
  • Find suitable contacts
  • Meet and talk to 5 people I don’t already know
  • Leave with 2 meetings

My target audience is:

  • Construction Industry – interior fit out companies, M & E companies, developers – Project managers, Estimators, QS’s
  • Technology industry – IT companies, Telecoms companies.
  • Education sector – colleges, primary and secondary schools, universities
  • Commercial property managers – facilities managers such as Regus, etc

Anyway I will report back on my evening as I am off to get there early!


Some time later….

Some things to think about before setting up a new business


Here are some of the things I tell people who come to me and say they have an idea for a new business or are just setting up in business for themselves for the first time.


  1. Talk to an accountant/ business advisor and get some advice about your business idea. Is it realistic? Is it viable? Don’t just ask family and friends.
  2. decide what form you want the business to take ltd/ llp/ soletrader

It won’t take a tsunami to sink British business

This post was written by Tim Lee

The terrible events in Japan are thankfully beyond our comprehension. Unfortunately British business owners are blissfully ignoring the risks surrounding us that could have similar devastating effects on life and property.


It’s unlikely that a tidal wave, earthquake or meteor will crash into our island but there are far more obvious perils that are being ignored on the basis that it hasn’t happened yet so it’s unlikely to occur in the future. Our memories are too short…

Contingency planning for free, really?

Business Continuity Management provides the resilient platform required to assess threats and risks across an entire organisation and develop and plan contingency against them. With greater resilience one can argue that a company can take more risk, which it is hoped will attract more gain. So when a business disruption does occur you have implemented a contingency plan to maintain continuity of your operation. Read the rest of this entry »

Do your suppliers listen to you? Do you listen to your clients?

this post was written by Helen Stothard

I have been reviewing several new cloud based services with one of my clients recently and it suddenly struck me that we are finding ourselves veering to a particular style of supplier, regardless of the product we are reviewing.  This has shown itself time and again over the last year in the choices that I have made in terms of products for myself and my clients.

The suppliers we are finding ourselves working with are generally new to the market, or at least newcomers in an established field.  This means that they still remember the importance of looking after the customer.

Yes, once again we are talking about customer service.  The reason being is that in the current climate it is more important than ever to listen to what your customers actually want, not just sell them the same old thing.