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Websites and Legals…

It is strange how so many small business owners behave very differently online from their everyday working environment.

For example, take websites and their compliance with legal requirements and standards. Most owners of a small business will be reasonably aware of the legal guidelines which they must adhere to in the day to day operation of their business in whatever field they operate. However, once they venture online many businesses have a presence which does not meet legal requirements. Partly this is because the internet is relatively new and regulation is still developing, partly because of a shortage of good advice as to what is required. Unfortunately, although “No-one told me” is not a defence” it is often a reality.

We live in a world which is increasingly regulated, and if you have an online presence you need to be aware that the legal scrutiny of websites is becoming more rigorous, more regulated and at an increasing frequency.

So what should you do?