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I love watching Columbo. Infact I’ll be curling up on the sofa this afternoon with a cuppa to watch it. I don’t care which episode it is. I don’t care if I have seen it 15 times already. I’ll still be glued to the TV

Even if you have only ever seen one episode you’ll probably know that Columbo often looks like he is going to leave his suspect in peace but at the last second comes back to ask ‘just one more thing.’

It’s a great technique and always gives him a vital piece of information.

As techniques go it is one that could prove invaluable to you too. Give it a go when you are next talking to a customer or prospect. If you ask one extra question you could end up getting the vital piece of information that will get you the contract, a larger order or establish a loyalty to you as a supplier that didn’t already exist.

How to Spot the Trusted Advisor

This post was written by Tim Lee

The Informed Choice

It is virtually impossible to establish a business without taking professional advice. Accountants, solicitor’s and business consultants, to name but a few, provide a skill set to help companies negotiate the vast and complex world of trade and commerce.

Professional advice is chargeable whether it is correct, likable or necessary and free advice is elusive and rarely free.

Having digested the professional reports, recommendations and warnings you make your decisions on an informed basis armed with the knowledge that your trusted advisor can be counted on when the chips are down.