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Making Your Mind Up?

It’s Okay, I am not about to burst into that Eurovision classic, I am simply reminded that sometimes it is really hard to distinguish individual customer personalities.

Should this be an integral part of the sales process?

Do we think about it unconsciously or do we simply walk out of a meeting or put down the phone and think two thoughts.. lovely or moody?

Which one of those two are best?  or are we selling our selves short by not taking the time and effort to understand how our customers buy from us?

When we have been faced with a difficult customer, have we walked away or thought logically about how to handle the situation and the personality concerned.

I have seen so many different comments over the years where colleagues have left notes on the CRM system, suggesting  certain customers personality traits – most of which have been  unfavourable.

Why do we do that? why do we make assumptions about people ? They may have been having a bad day, or been stuck in traffic. Maybe they are genuinely cantankerous – but believe me there is always a way of dealing with clients with any personality type.