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The danger of making assumptions

I recently took my husband with me to purchase a new laptop for my business. For no other reason really than he was around and not doing anything, and I like him to be included in what’s happening in the business. When I asked the young sales assistant the first questions about the laptop I was interested in, I watched him give the answers to my husband. He occasionally glanced at me but most of his responses indicated that he thought I wasn’t the one making the decision to buy. A couple of times during the conversation, he went so far as to turn side on to me and speak directly to my husband. He assumed that my husband was the purchasing power on the day when in fact I was the one with the interest and the one with the cash.

In the same week, I interviewed a candidate for an entry level operator position. My co-interviewers were both men. At one point in the conversation, the candidate started to describe a plant situation and said to my co-interviewers “you guys will understand this.” I have more than 20 years of experience in heavy industry, and I understood perfectly what he was talking about. He assumed that I wouldn’t. I won’t label his reasons as that would be an assumption in itself…

With a little help from my friends …

So if you have read some of my blog posts before, especially on my own site, you will have no doubt realised that there have been many occasions in my life where times have been tough and I have been left reeling. However, I am a strong believer in no matter what life deals you, if you get knocked down, you dust yourself off and bounce right back again, but this time not only stronger but also smarter because you learn from that episode in your life.

I know so many people who have gone through all kinds of challenges within their lives and they still keep fighting and smiling. So, why is it that when people receive knocks and obstacles within their business lives, they often crumble at the first sign of difficulty? Having gone through personal and professional difficulties, I believe I know the answer.

Google Apps for Business – is it right for business?

This post is by Elliott Zissmann

This post consists of  2 parts

 The top 13 things to consider – Part 1.

You may have heard of Microsoft Cloud 365, where the software giant is offering hosted versions of its popular Office Suite, as well as Exchange for email and SharePoint for collaboration. From meetings with Microsoft we know they are doing this in direct response to competition from Google with the Google Apps Premier Edition.

But is this a service they should worry about? Is this something businesses should consider?

How to Spot the Trusted Advisor

This post was written by Tim Lee

The Informed Choice

It is virtually impossible to establish a business without taking professional advice. Accountants, solicitor’s and business consultants, to name but a few, provide a skill set to help companies negotiate the vast and complex world of trade and commerce.

Professional advice is chargeable whether it is correct, likable or necessary and free advice is elusive and rarely free.

Having digested the professional reports, recommendations and warnings you make your decisions on an informed basis armed with the knowledge that your trusted advisor can be counted on when the chips are down.

Do you have to give staff time off for the Royal Wedding?

This is a guest post by The Jay Webb Consultancy

A Royal Wedding has been planned for this year (29th April 2011) to be precise. Yes, Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally set the day and the date has been set as an additional Bank Holiday!
But what does this mean for employers? Do you HAVE to give employees a day off?

Our clients are already contacting us to ask about the Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding and the right to time off, particularly in the Care Sector.
Well, let’s begin with the statutory right to bank holidays. Many employees (and quite a few employers) believe that employees have the statutory right to have a day off.
This is not correct. There is no statutory right to bank holidays. The law on annual leave only requires employers to give employees 5.6 weeks’ off, which equates to 28 days for employees working 5 days per week. This can include Bank Holidays. So there is no requirement for you to let employees take the day off!