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Fancy a Holiday?


Don’t we all! As soon as someone starts talking about holidays it is hard not to think about the last time we had chance to relax and unwind. As the memory floods our brain we go a bit gooey eyed and smile.


Now that I have planted that seed in your head there is no way I am going to get you to read on any further until you have had a chance to relive that last holiday but that is OK, I can wait………


You back? OK then, I have a question for you. Can you remember the last day of work before you went on that holiday? You may not remember the details but I bet you can remember cramming all the ‘must do’s’ on your todo list into those last few hours before you switched over into ‘Holiday Mode.’


That is the bit that I want you to think about. You had a deadline and no way of moving it so you were forced to pick out the most important jobs on your list and make sure that they were done whilst all the things that could wait until you got home were left. 


I bet you hardly even thought about it. I bet you didn’t spend ages pondering whether something should go on the ‘this can’t wait 2 week’s’ list or the ‘I can do that when I get home’ list. You knew instinctively where everything should go.


You tricked yourself into managing your time in the most effective way possible and IT WORKED! You got everything done didn’t you. You may even have had time to spare.