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Should forums be used for doing homework?

I look at a lot of forums or applications. People ask questions and answers are given, like if you need to create a complicated excel calculation for work you can post the question about how to create the calculation and someone usually posts the solution.

But should students be allowed to do this?

It reminds me of an owner of a large business networking site who was so happy that her daughter was giving answers to homework to all her friends online.  Does this not defeat the object of education?

When is a phone not a phone…?

This post is by Rob Cameron

 When is a phone not a phone…?

Answer: When it is an Apple iPhone 3GS running on IOS 4.xx

Over the past few weeks, well probably couple of months now, I have been having a lot of issues with my iPhone 3GS. With an amazing and frankly annoying regularity it takes it upon itself to crash and reboot during telephone calls since I have upgraded to the IOS 4.xx operating system. Not very good when its key feature is to be a phone! I can get all of the other gizmos and apps on an iPod Touch right?