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Who’s been tinkering again?

This post is by Karen Wilson

Would you let Jim the office junior attempt to fix electrics if they went bang in the middle of the working day? Would you let Paula on reception mend a broken gas pipe in the office kitchen?

I’m guessing (or rather hoping) the answer is no. So why oh why do companies let Jim and Paula have a little tinker with their IT systems???

We appreciate that in (as we hear so often) “the current climate” companies need to keep tight hold on the purse strings and that every penny needs to be justifiably accountanted for .

Now when Jim has that little tinker with the server because “he’s a whizz on a computer” or decides to download several printer drivers trying to find the right one to network the new printer what he’s actualy doing is potentially causing the company downtime, running the risk of viruses and slowing the hardware down as it fills with unesscesary software

So whilst the company thinks they’ve just saved themselves £150-£200 it may have actually cost them £1000’s in down time and loss of productivity.

Nowadays most businesses cannot function without their IT systems and business can quickly grind to a halt.

It’s really not uncommon for businesses to call an IT company in a blind panic when the systems have gone down and no amount of tinkering can bring them back up. Guess what?? Experienced, qualified IT people don’t generally tinker….what they do and how they work comes from years of experience and hours of studying.

A good solid IT infrastructure can help a business improve productivity and work smarter. If a company is tendering for large contracts (particularly in the public sector) then a good solid, secure infrastructure is an absolute must. As a business there are several options that can be considered to help you keep you and your team keep working seamlessly and efficiently

It’s all about me……..

It’s not actually all about me this one, but interesting how people in a pressured working environment neglect to remember that there is actually  ’no I in team’….

How do your motivation levels effect your work?

Fact – low motivation affects confidence levels, it affects how we feel, how others around us perceive us and how we behave towards clients.

It is an art being consistent and managing how you feel, but it is an important factor to maintaining balance during work. If we understand how our behaviour affects not only how we feel but how it affects people around us then we can work on how we maintain our motivation levels.

Making things happen

This post is by Bernie Mitchell


Over the years I have tried everything in the search to be more productive.

I secretly always suspected that the “silver bullet” was just getting on with it I have decided that less is more, No product is going to save your life and I would be horrified if you dumped what you are doing and tried all of these.

Staying Focussed – The Challenge of Being Your Own Boss

This post is by Martin Broadhurst

It has been a busy month in the Status office as we continue to establish our business. Since I last blogged on the BBN we have won our first significant contract and we have been making a lot of connections to get our name about. It’s been a great start for us and we’re beginning to see positive results from our efforts.

While getting work in and building up awareness of our business is good, Mark and I have still been mindful to remember to work on ourselves as well as bringing in new business. This past week in particular I have personally been developing my time management skills. While I have been on time management courses in the past when I was employed elsewhere, working for yourself brings new distractions into play.