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Listen to your Inner Crystal

A little while ago I spotted a tweet on Twitter.  It had been posted by Hugh Hefner.

Now I don’t follow him but someone had deemed it worthy of a retweet. Although I can’t remember the exact wording it went along these lines  ‘Crystal has had a change of heart, the wedding is off.’ 

Filling in the blanks it became apparent that Crystal had been due to marry Mr Hefner about a week later.

A day or so after the announcement another tweet showed the front cover of the next editi0n of Playboy boasting pictures of the new Mrs Hefner. It was an edition that had obviously gone to press before the wedding was cancelled. 

What Crystal did had taken guts, bucketfuls of guts. A lot had hinged on this wedding for her, the Playboy business and her groom. Her marriage would have given her so much and she could have easily gone along with the wedding and taken full advantage of it but she didn’t. She stayed true to her heart and called it off even though it was only days away and she would have been seen to be ‘letting so many people down.’

How often do we ignore our Inner Crystal in our personal and business lives? Doing something just because it is easier to do it than ’cause a scene.’ Giving in to a customer’s demands when we know we are in the right and they are trying their luck? Taking on tasks that someone else should be doing as it is quicker and easier than confronting them?

Maybe we should all be a little more like Crystal sometimes. Go with our gut instincts and what we know is the right thing to do whatever the consequences.

Next time you find yourself torn between what you feel is expected from you and what you feel you should really do in a given situation why not ask yourself ‘What would Crystal do?’