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Top Ten Tips To Starting To Telephone Cold Call – Part One

Top Ten Tips To Starting To Telephone Cold Call – Part One

I’ve been making appointments via the phone for over 25 years…here’s some quick tips to help you get started.

1.       Be prepared! Sounds obvious, but make sure you have lots of paper and a pen cos you are going to need to make some notes.

2.       Who do you need to speak to? The Director? The HR Manager? The Facilities Manager? Higher up the food chain so to speak, the better results you will get. Make sure before you pick the phone up you know what decision maker you need to be asking for.

3.       What’s the aim of your call? Be sure before you pick up the phone. Is it to fact find? Get a name? Make an appointment?

4.       Receptionists are not Gatekeepers, dragons or destined to make your life hell. They are merely doing their job and acting as their employers have asked them to.  Bodes well to remember that because the quicker you make friends with the receptionists the quicker you will get through to the decision maker.

5.       Best opening line ever coming up…wait for it…” Hello, I wonder if you can help me please?”.

10 top tips to make life easier when you’re setting up a new business

Running a small business, especially in the early days can be a very lonely place to be so here’s ten top tips to make life easier-

1) Join a networking organisation in your area. Develop a core group of other people you can trust and use each other as mentors – it works.

2) Invest in Customer Information Management software – it will save you weeks of time and make your operation run smoothly.

3) Take nothing for granted with your IT. Check your spam and junk files regularly – I know of at least one company that lost potential orders by not doing so.

4) PR is better than advertising. Develop links with one or two key journalists in your field and talk to them about what’s happening at your business – too many people hide their successes.

5) Organic growth is good, but proactive prospecting is better. Don’t rely on people coming to you. Decide who you want as customers and make contact with them.

6) Be persistent. 80% of people stop making new customer calls after the fourth/fifth attempt. 80% of successful new sales calls are made at the sixth/seventh attempt; do the maths!

7) Value your staff as much as your customers. Without either you will not be in business for long

7 things you shouldn’t do with a business card and 3 you should…… in my opinion!



  1. Use it as an invitation to send hundreds of sales emails, or even worse (and my personal cardinal sin) add someone to a newsletter email list. Treat people’s details with respect. If you hate receiving spam, don’t become a spammer yourself!
  2. Keep them in bundles, wrapped in elastic bands, waiting for work to come to you. There is a wealth of information in those bundles and you’re missing out by just leaving them languishing in the corner
  3. Collect as many as you can at a networking event. In this case it really is quality over quantity. I’d rather collect one card from someone I want to talk to again then collect 20 from people I didn’t get to know. And of course don’t be the person that rushes round the room throwing your card at everyone in the room, whether you’ve spoken to them or not
  4. Leave them in a library book when you return it. This is someone’s personal data you have taken. They didn’t have to give it to you. You need to respect it and not use it as a bookmark. If you want to do that; use your own! So maybe that s an extreme case , but it’s a serious issue. People don’t have to give you their card; so look after it and use the information wisely.
  5. Make it such an odd shape or size that it doesn’t fit in a card holder. While I love cards that are unique, or different,if you want me to be able to access your details, or more importantly be able to pass your details on to others, then make it easy for me.

10 top tips for new blog ideas…



As its Easter and a Bank Holiday we’re not posting a blog from one of our regular contributors but thought we’d post one from us instead.

The most frequent question we get asked as the admin of this site is “what would you like me to write about?” so we’ve written this post about where we get the inspiration for our posts from, or which topics make us read a blog post.

Making things happen

This post is by Bernie Mitchell


Over the years I have tried everything in the search to be more productive.

I secretly always suspected that the “silver bullet” was just getting on with it I have decided that less is more, No product is going to save your life and I would be horrified if you dumped what you are doing and tried all of these.

Warning: SEO at work!

This post is by Hazel Walker


You’re no doubt familiar with SEO, search engine optimisation. If you’re a widget maker in Essex and you’ve had your site optimised, people who put “widget maker in Essex” into Google have a much better chance of finding you than if you didn’t have your site optimised.

Fine and dandy, if all you’re looking for is a high ranking in Google. If you’re looking for customers, however, you might want to bear in mind the cautionary tale of my client, I’ll call her Freda.

The weird and wonderful world of networking

This post is by Victoria Roberts


Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of networking.  If you’re a virgin networker, don’t be scared…I can gently show you the way.  If you’re a seasoned networker – bravo! I love it too.  If you’re of the tried and didn’t like variety…read on as well…you may be surprised.

After 15 years in the corporate world, I didn’t ‘get’ networking.  The only networking I had been to was the kind of scary ones where you have to be there at the crack of dawn week in week out, cant’ miss it and have to give referrals (“My Auntie Margaret needs her carpet cleaning” cue applause)or the informal ones by the Chamber of Commerce.  They were useless for me…as a woman, walking into a room full of pinstripes suits in a bar was bad enough, never mind trying to make conversation with strangers! Nope, I would stand in the corner with a couple of people I already knew, down my vino and run, which defeated the object.   I prefer some structure and some fun…for my bet, you can’t beat 4Networking ( though there are lots of fab networking groups all over.  Google networking in your area and get yourself to a few to try.  However it doesn’t matter who what or how the networking event is, there are some golden rules and some useful tips you need to know.

So for the virginal, tried and died and downright scared…here are my Top Ten Tips to get the most out of your networking:

Are you Compliant?

5 Top Tips for ensuring you are compliant when becoming self employed.

Becoming self employed is not only a very exciting time, but it can also be extremely daunting. Often, when starting out, people are not compliant simply due to a lack of understanding, at d2 Accounting, we have found that lots of new businesses tend to not be aware of their obligations when starting out.

It is important to remember and acknowledge that most business owners start out because they have an interest and / or expertise in a particular field, its important to accept your strengths and weaknesses and seek advice where you lack knowledge. If you are in any doubt at all about your obligations when becoming self employed, please speak to a professional sooner rather than later as they will be able to help and guide you, ensuring you avoid costly mistakes.

Google Apps for Business – is it right for business?

This post was written by Elliot Zissman

This post consists of  2 parts

The top 13 things to consider – Part 2.


8. Why don’t you Try Before You Buy: although Google Premier is a paid-for service, Google Standard is free.  It comes with lots of advertising but you can use the software and see if it meets your needs.

9. Support – phone and email support is available 24/7 but is it likely to be from a call centre operative, or someone who truly takes the time to understand your business needs? If you think that your business operates in a standard way, with nothing unique about your requirements or those of your team, then this level of support might be right. If not, you should think if this is all you need.

10. Uptime – is 99.9% enough for you?  It sounds a lot, but this means 8 hours per year. When would you like your day without IT?  Spread over a series of 1 hour periods at 2am on a Sunday would be ideal.  But what if it’s the Monday morning you are finalising your accounts for the year? In reality, Google meets its SLA without issue – they reckon 10-15 minutes per month is the outage they experience and that’s normally a second here and two seconds there. But what happens if you do have a complaint? Who can you hold responsible?  I’m not sure having a go at Barry in Google Support will help matters.

Google Apps for Business – is it right for business?

This post is by Elliott Zissmann

This post consists of  2 parts

 The top 13 things to consider – Part 1.

You may have heard of Microsoft Cloud 365, where the software giant is offering hosted versions of its popular Office Suite, as well as Exchange for email and SharePoint for collaboration. From meetings with Microsoft we know they are doing this in direct response to competition from Google with the Google Apps Premier Edition.

But is this a service they should worry about? Is this something businesses should consider?

Do you have to give staff time off for the Royal Wedding?

This is a guest post by The Jay Webb Consultancy

A Royal Wedding has been planned for this year (29th April 2011) to be precise. Yes, Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally set the day and the date has been set as an additional Bank Holiday!
But what does this mean for employers? Do you HAVE to give employees a day off?

Our clients are already contacting us to ask about the Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding and the right to time off, particularly in the Care Sector.
Well, let’s begin with the statutory right to bank holidays. Many employees (and quite a few employers) believe that employees have the statutory right to have a day off.
This is not correct. There is no statutory right to bank holidays. The law on annual leave only requires employers to give employees 5.6 weeks’ off, which equates to 28 days for employees working 5 days per week. This can include Bank Holidays. So there is no requirement for you to let employees take the day off!

Boost your motivation

This post is by Hazel Walker


It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s grey. We’re still in the post-Christmas slump. Our new year resolutions are history and our motivation is zilch.

Great! We’re in the perfect state for a motivation booster that will give our get-up-and-go an injection of zest and put us in the ideal frame of mind to push our businesses into a faster, fitter, fresher phase.

Try this three-step process and see for yourself how quickly you start to feel inspired to move on up. Clear an hour in your desk diary, or do this at home instead of watching the soaps!

“Can’t care, don’t care” – How to avoid the “Just send it” moment in your bids

This post is by Sharon Pink

No matter how important this bid is to your business….

No matter how high the value….

No matter how well you know you can deliver to that client…..

….. there comes a point in the development cycle when you just stop caring.

You’ve spent so much time on the research, the planning, the writing and the proofing, so many days staring at the same paragraphs, that you actually can’t see the words objectively any more.  The deadline is looming and, despite your rational mind knowing there are probably lots of things that need correcting and improving, you find yourself saying “Look, just send it”.