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I need more customers


That is a comment I often receive when discussing sales development with potential clients.

Invariably I respond – no you don’t which gets some strange looks, if not comments!

I then add to that statement: You already have them!


That is the point, most businesses have a database, in one form or another of customers but they are not using it.

Does Great Customer Service Really Make a Difference?

I think most of us like to think that we have good customer service. I know I spend hours of unpaid work on each of my clients, and no I do not figure this into the cost I charge. But how many of us really know if the client appreciates the service we spend?

I have just read from business insider, if you have a few minutes it is worth the read.

When is a phone not a phone…?

This post is by Rob Cameron

 When is a phone not a phone…?

Answer: When it is an Apple iPhone 3GS running on IOS 4.xx

Over the past few weeks, well probably couple of months now, I have been having a lot of issues with my iPhone 3GS. With an amazing and frankly annoying regularity it takes it upon itself to crash and reboot during telephone calls since I have upgraded to the IOS 4.xx operating system. Not very good when its key feature is to be a phone! I can get all of the other gizmos and apps on an iPod Touch right?

Do your suppliers listen to you? Do you listen to your clients?

this post was written by Helen Stothard

I have been reviewing several new cloud based services with one of my clients recently and it suddenly struck me that we are finding ourselves veering to a particular style of supplier, regardless of the product we are reviewing.  This has shown itself time and again over the last year in the choices that I have made in terms of products for myself and my clients.

The suppliers we are finding ourselves working with are generally new to the market, or at least newcomers in an established field.  This means that they still remember the importance of looking after the customer.

Yes, once again we are talking about customer service.  The reason being is that in the current climate it is more important than ever to listen to what your customers actually want, not just sell them the same old thing.