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What value do you put on the advice you get from your business mentor?

And how do you show respect to your business mentor?


I was very interested to read the James Caan article in the Guardian newspaper recently ( about taking notice of your business mentor.

The first thing that sprang to mind is “I wonder how he defines mentor”. So many people seem to use the term interchangeably with coach and business advisor. (See my take on the differences here

It always amazes me how some businesses invest a lot of time, effort and their hard earned cash in paying for help/ support/ advice and then completely ignore it. Or don’t share the knowledge throughout the organisation, so one area will be making great changes and the rest of the business fails to keep up with them. 


So who or what qualities make a good mentor for you or your business?

Do you have to give staff time off for the Royal Wedding?

This is a guest post by The Jay Webb Consultancy

A Royal Wedding has been planned for this year (29th April 2011) to be precise. Yes, Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally set the day and the date has been set as an additional Bank Holiday!
But what does this mean for employers? Do you HAVE to give employees a day off?

Our clients are already contacting us to ask about the Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding and the right to time off, particularly in the Care Sector.
Well, let’s begin with the statutory right to bank holidays. Many employees (and quite a few employers) believe that employees have the statutory right to have a day off.
This is not correct. There is no statutory right to bank holidays. The law on annual leave only requires employers to give employees 5.6 weeks’ off, which equates to 28 days for employees working 5 days per week. This can include Bank Holidays. So there is no requirement for you to let employees take the day off!