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Do you have a contingency plan?

Fate has been conspiring against me of late.  From repeated power cuts at home where my business is based, to helping a client move office and being let down on the phone line and broadband transfer.  However, all is not as bad as it seems, because I am a pessimist!  Why should this be cause for celebration amongst all these mishaps?  Well being a pessimist means I have contingency plans in place.

I work virtually which means that most of my work is done online over the internet.  To do this I obviously need electricity, a computer and an internet connection.  Fear not, although the router may have gone down with the power I have a wonderful little gadget called a MiFi.  It’s a portable wireless router and has served me very well since it’s purchase early last year. It can generate a wireless signal for up to five computers, including the iPhone and iPod Touch.  As it doesn’t need to be connected via USB if it is fully charged it makes it a really flexible little gadget.  It also means I don’t have to go running to find my nearest Starbucks or McDonalds in search of a wireless signal.  I’ve found it much quicker than the traditional mobile broadband dongle I used to use.

Don’t let your Grammar cost you business!

This post is by Sara Parr

No, I’m not going to crack a dodgy joke about your mother’s mother…

I must admit, I am a little prickly on this one – the odd typo is one thing, but when an “expert” in their field can’t get their own technical terms right then surely we have to question both the education system and their own ability and standards. When their field of expertise is supposed to be administration, I really get worried – a surgeon with shaky hands perhaps shouldn’t be a surgeon, so should a VA with poor “English” (or any other language they choose to work in) be thinking about a career change? I was given a “stationary” price list today from a local printer – good thing too, I don’t want the thing running around the office!