How does your brand measure up?

I was wondering what to write for my next blog and inspiration hit me the other morning whilst out walking my two dogs! I live in a village called Selston in  north west Nottinghamshire and was enjoying the early morning sunshine as I passed a house being built. I often go past here as I like to see how it is progressing, how big it might be, what sort of brick is going to be used, what style etc. Well I began to see the similarity between building a house and building a brand.


Like a house a brand needs a solid foundation – the ethos of the company and it’s reputation. Without these the brand would be on shaky ground and would undoubtedly collapse in a short space of time.


So assuming the foundations are solid, what would the brand look like, the identity if you will? For a house the style and quality of the bricks convey the feel of a property, for a brand it is the logo, the corporate identity. The ‘bricks’ here are the font chosen, it’s usage and colour. A well chosen font should encapsulate the feel of a brand, provide confidence and engender trust. A badly chosen font and colour is like having bad, crumbling, mismatched bricks and shoddy brickwork that would stop a potential customer entering the property to see more.