Public Releations

60 Seconds to make an Impression!

Yes, we all do it, some dread it, others relish it, but its a necessary part of promoting our business, the 60 second “Elevator” pitch!

This is probably a topic that there have been millions of articles written about, so you may have heard some of this before, but in terms of communication if something is worth sharing, its certainly worth repeating.

New Year, New focus, or not…

As most people I am writing about the New Year.  As with New Year resolutions we should evaluate our business and see if there are things that we should be doing or need to change about how we do business or get business.  Re evaluate what you are doing, how much time things take and what they are doing for the business.


Do you know how much business that ads and other types of advertising is bringing you? If you advertise in print as well as online media it is always good to find out which one is bringing you more business.  There are a lot of stats that I have heard over the years and most of us know that you can’t place one ad and expect that your door to be inundated with new customers. But on the other hand if you have been advertising for years and have only had one or two clients from it, does the cost outway the profit?

Supported Feature

What do you do when a media company calls to say that they have been instructed by your biggest and most important client to produce a special feature about them and they’d like you to support it with advertising?

This type of supported feature has been around for a long time and we’ve all either been asked to support a client or have been approached by a magazine to suggest one to our suppliers. They can be useful promotional opportunities and helpful in building good relationships with key business partners.

That’s all fine and dandy, but do you take the approach from the magazine at face value and pay for the advert etc or do you, just by chance, double check to see if it is a legitimate approach?

Would you say what you tweet?

Is twitter the last bolt hole of the coward? A radical question perhaps but one I believe warrants investigating.

Market Strategy

Has the marketing world been turned on its head or are businesses so desperate that they are chasing up and down every route to market in the hope of a sale?

Every marketing strategy put forward over the last 20 years has been driven by market segmentation and the narrowing of marketing channels. The aim has been, and should be, to focus on a key target market, identify how to communicate with it and make the message so irresistible that customers cannot refuse the offer.

Personal opinion v business opinion

Living in Nottinghamshire and being in public relations I could not help watching the recent Channel 4 series, Coppers. I was keen to see how the programme portrayed our local police force and how the public reacted to it as well.

Myth or Reality

Two separate but connected events combined this week to get me thinking about a politically generated myth and a political PR agenda that was reinvented; some would say stolen.

Poor public relations

I wonder if there is any other service provider that has such a “customers must play by our rules” attitude as that I recently experienced with Fitness First?