Time for Business Development?

A freind of mine was telling me recently that she had a business meeting where she ws told that the only reason she had time for Social Media was that she didn’t have children.

I was told recently that someone was surprised that I got any work done as I spent so much time networking.

I was thinking about how interesting it is the judgments that people make around how other people run their lives…

Networking is one of the main ways I get more leads, more clients and more referrals – so I choose to do a lot of it.

For other people, their business is built on social media so they choose to spend time there.

Other people choose to spend time with family or friends.

Others choose to spend 80 hours a week working in their business.

There is no judgment here, that is just how it is. And each of us has a choice as to where we spend the 24 hours in our day.

Put the Social Back in Social Media

We all know that social media is here to stay; the chances are you might have found out about this blog through social media. The stats make it obvious that we need to incorporate social media into our business – Erik Qualman of Socionomics believes your return on investment for Social Meid is that your business will exist in 5 years.

But I am often asked the similarities and difference between online and offline networking. Much of the work I do is with clients is with people who are out and about, meeting people face to face , shaking hands , handing out business cards and generally just being out there meeting people.

But I will tell you that there are a lot of the same rules that apply to your in person networking also apply to your online networking.

What I am going to do today is just give you a couple of these “rules” for you to consider when you are networking online.

So a lot of people forget the social side of both networking and social media.  It’s funny because the clue is in the name with SOCIAL media.  However, the number of times that I connect with someone on Facebook or Twitter , and the next thing I know I’ve got a message or an email  introducing me to their “get rich quick” or online marketing scheme. Now I am going to use the word scheme in a broad sense because it signifies that not understanding, just not getting, what it is I am looking for, that makes it a scheme even when it may be a very valid kind of business.

Turning networking into business

Are you looking to get more business from your networking efforts?

Are you wondering whether you are wasting your time and effort at networking events?

Are you struggling to really see a Return on Investment?

If the answer is YES! to any of these questions then you need to consider these three key ingredients – Commitment, Consistency, Contribution

7 things you shouldn’t do with a business card and 3 you should

…… in my opinion!


  1. Use it as an invitation to send hundreds of sales emails, or even worse (and my personal cardinal sin) add someone to a newsletter email list. Treat people’s details with respect. If you hate receiving spam, don’t become a spammer yourself!
  2. Keep them in bundles, wrapped in elastic bands, waiting for work to come to you. There is a wealth of information in those bundles and you’re missing out by just leaving them languishing in the corner