Best practice in bidding

What a great time to be working in proposal development….helping companies in all sectors identify and prosper from best practice to help them win 

Having worked on proposals across all industries and sectors for over 20 years, I would say this is probably the most exciting, creative and innovative time to be a proposals specialist and to be helping companies identify and share THEIR best practice that helps them win wherever they are bidding.

We all know that the nature of proposal development has changed dramatically to encompass e-bidding, e-auctions, the no-ITT (guess our requirements!) procurement, competitive dialogue and ever-more-prescriptive word-limited portal responses aiming to squeeze out any vestige of creativity and make it easier for evaluators to score everyone on a like-for-like basis. As a result, the challenge now to help companies differentiate from the pack is not only fantastic for us as bidding specialists but also sorts out the ‘best practice’ operators amongst us!

The real life of bids: why you should never be ‘delighted’ to present your proposal…

Why you should never open your Exec Summary with “We are delighted to present our proposal” or (even worse) “We thank you for the opportunity to present…” 


The Value of LinkedIn

This post was written by Philippa Bowen

I was at a networking event last week. Most of the members there know that I love social media and use it regularly for my business. In fact I have been accused of being an evangelist!  But that didn’t put off one of the members, who came up to me and asked if I use LinkedIn and if it would be useful for him to be on there. My answer was yes, I was sure it was, whatever he wanted to use it for. The obvious question came :  He then asked how I used it.

“Can’t care, don’t care” – How to avoid the “Just send it” moment in your bids

This post is by Sharon Pink

No matter how important this bid is to your business….

No matter how high the value….

No matter how well you know you can deliver to that client…..

….. there comes a point in the development cycle when you just stop caring.

You’ve spent so much time on the research, the planning, the writing and the proofing, so many days staring at the same paragraphs, that you actually can’t see the words objectively any more.  The deadline is looming and, despite your rational mind knowing there are probably lots of things that need correcting and improving, you find yourself saying “Look, just send it”.