Results of most iconic British built vehicle poll

Most Iconic British built vehicle

As you know we’ve been running a poll on twitter and LinkedIn to identify the most iconic British built vehicle. Well the results are in and the winner is utterly convincing. With almost 25% of the vote and way ahead of any rival is the Mini.


For me the first 8 have a strong resonance and immediately conjure up images and memories – a lot of them from Films, mostly James Bond. Then the Routemaster bus, with its echoes of the classic “summer Holiday” film and for those of us of a certain age, memories of running for a London bus and swinging from the back pole as it pulled away from the bus stop! ‘Elf and Safety wouldn’t be pleased with those antics today would they? And if you missed the bus grabbing a black cab. (Or dreaming of being able to afford one when you were a student)

And for me the everlasting image of the transit was the advert which called it the “Backbone of Britain” with the Slade soundtrack backing it. (For those who can’t remember here’s the link: ) Our MD has just told me that his lasting memory of the transit was of it racing at Thruxton in the 70’s. Nearly as exciting as the Volvo Estates in the BTCC I’m sure.

So did the result surprise you? I think the breadth of answers surprised me most and the vociferous discussions on LinkedIn with people supporting their favourite. We are a nation of passionate petrol heads aren’t we.

And so in celebration of our winner I’ll leave you with probably the most enduring image of a mini – the chase scene from the Italian Job……… (all doors intact)


Written by Tim Lewis

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