I have a (cunning) plan!


That was the favourite phrase of Baldrick (Tony Robinson) in a favourite of mine Blackadder.


I read a recent new article,  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25909728, regarding how in India, Chander Prakesh Gurnani, was appointed to turn around an IT company which was on the point of collapse.


He had to undertake a reduction in staff but his plan to turnaround the company was to break it up into 11 streams to make it more manageable.

That was in 2009 and today it is a healthy company aiming to double the revenue by 2015.


That is a very short summary but the guy had a plan, and broke it up into small parts which were more manageable.

When you are looking at a new product, market or getting new customers, put a plan into place on how you are going to achieve it.

All plans have a start and a finish but along the way there are various stages which you have to pass. Include them in your plan as it has two significant points:

  1. You can monitor your progress and amend if needed.
  2. It helps your morale with the feeling of achievement and keeping you on track for the next stage.

You will get to the finish, quicker and more efficiently keeping you, focussed on the project. 


Mr Gurnani’s project was a large corporate but the principal is the same.


Break it up and take it stage by stage.

Written by Mike Vaughan

Mike Vaughan

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