To sell or not to sell -That is the question!

I want to stir things up!

Selling and Networking do not go together!


But that is the reason to network, some people will say.

No it is not.

You are there to meet get to know people and build relationships.

From building a relationship business will follow.

It may start with someone asking your advice.

Give it freely.

It will be appreciated and could lead to business from that person or even someone who they recommend to you.


Networking is not about ‘earning a quid buck’. How many people do you know who have commented that they went to a networking event which was a waste of time as they did not get any business from it.

So they will not be going again.


I’m sure that many of you have been to a networking event and seen the ‘hunters’ going around the room usually with a bundle of brochures under their arm, & joining a group for 30 – 60 sec, giving a quick sales pitch, handing over a brochure and move on to the next group.

It happened to me recently at a regular event I attend. Three of us were actually discussing websites and SEO (the subject does not really matter), and a person asked to join us. He quickly got into a sales pitch, about his cleaning company, handed over his card and walked off.

Totally unrehearsed, two of us simultaneously tore up his business card and put it in a nearby waste bin.

That person made no attempt to build a relationship and in some respect was bad mannered in not listen to what we were discussing.

Would you recommend him, if you had a need for a cleaning company?

I think not!


Some will say you network to get business and yes I will agree with that, but your principal objective is to meet and build relationships not sell.

If there is an interest in your product, whatever it is, arrange to get together after the event either setting a date or by contacting them afterwards.


Do you agree or am I talking a load of rubbish!!



Read Penny Powers book ‘Know me, Like me, Follow me’ for an insight into the metrics of networking.

Written by Mike Vaughan

Mike Vaughan

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