Outsourcing, a good idea?

Outsourcing can be a great way to grow your business or it could be a way to destroy your business.  Selecting the right people or company to outsource is important. You can take more work on by using contractors or temp staff, or offer more services by working with other companies. This can increase your business and is good for the people or businesses that you outsource to.

This includes everything from bookkeeping/accountants to telemarketing and even consultants that deal with clients. Imagine if you hired a company and someone arrived who was unprofessional, did not know what they were talking about or were rude, would you hire that company again?

Outsourcing to companies that support your business in the backend we will call it, those that are not client facing but that help you to do the paperwork that needs to get done.  Are they actually saving you time, for example if you use a bookkeeper, do you have to organise receipts and enter them in a database or form or can you give a bag of receipts?

Analysing who you are outsourcing with once in a while may save you time or give you confidence that you are still using the right company or person.  

Front facing outsourcing is even more important, you can loose clients if you select incorrectly. I know businesses that will hire contractors without even talking to them, sometimes it is through an intermediary company, in training that could be a resource company, some of those do interview and check but some do not.  A CV is not always representative of a person. I do mean good and bad.  Some CV’s make people look fantastic and others make them look not as good as they actually are.  People have said that my CV does not do me justice, that it is good but I am much better than it shows.

It really depends on what the person is going to do whether you want a quick talk or more detailed meeting, in training potential trainers do a mock training session, that is standard, it does not say to the trainer that they are not trusted but that they are not known, can you do the same? An interview and during that the person has to give a demonstration of how they work.

This does take longer but it does mean that you will be more confident knowing that the people you send out are representing your business the way that you want.

How do you ensure that anyone your outsource to are the best that you can get?

Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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