You can’t win them all

It is a fact of life you will not win every order that you bid/quote for, but it is not a total loss.


Try and gain some information on why you did not succeed this time. I may be purely on price, especially if you were offering an identical product to your competition.

However this is often not the case for the lost order and here are some possible reasons.

Did your product meet their needs 100%?

Did you really understand what they needed?

Where you able to meet their schedule?

Was you price really too expensive?

Did you explain your offer clearly enough?


The best place to start with your evaluation is to ask the purchaser for feedback, especially if they are a professional buyer they will be happy to pass on the reasons for their decision.

By doing that you are building a rapport with them, trying to understand their mode of operation and building a relationship, which in the long term will prove fruitful.


Secondly take a critical look at your own sales presentation and procedures; did they meet your standard?

What could you have done better?

What did you miss?

As with anything in business & in life, we review, get feedback and then amend/correct.


The object of the exercise is to learn and to correct it for the next time.

Not just for that customer but others in your database.


Written by Mike Vaughan

Mike Vaughan

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