Documents represent your business as well

Have you opened the post to find a letter from a company and thought how terrible it looked? Maybe it looked like the letterhead was photocopied or the paper was cheap and like tissue paper. Or it could have been monotone (black print on the paper no colour). The print looked like the ink or toner was low.

Whatever it was you may have tossed the paper without reading or just gave a cursory glance. Any business has many faces, the people, the website, if there is a shop how the shop looks. People spend a lot of money on those things, but what about the paper that is send out or the presentations that are created?

What does your documents and presentations say about your business? Think about:

  • Letterhead
  • Reports
  • Quotations
  • Invoices
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Proposals

Do they all look like they have come from the same business?  When compared to the website and shop do they look like they come from the same business?

Continuity is very important.  If you look at large businesses everything blends together, some might call some of them boring because they all have one colour scheme that all employees must adhere to on outgoing documents. Everything has a logo on and the fonts are all the same.

This can make documents easier to format, no thinking about what font or colours to use.  You may get bored with the same old fonts, colours and layouts but remember people need repetition to remember your brand. Someone might not see anything from your business in years but if they come across a letter would it remind them in a glance who you are? Consistent branding and document design can do this.

Investing not only in website and shop fronts but in templates for your business is a wise investment.

Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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