Customer Service R.I.P. !!

I recently read an article on Forbes – ‘The Winning Approach to Customer Service Just Common Sense’, and it is amazing that with a lot of businesses in sales, this goes out of the window to make a sale at any cost.

Well they may have taken that one order and in probability that is all it will be one order. They obviously do not want that customer to come back in the future with further business.

It is a known fact that it will cost you 6 times more, financially, to attract new business than to keep existing customers, so why not spend a little more on customer service, and hence retention.

It makes financial sense.


In addition it will make for more efficient in sales operation and give you time to look for additional customers & that is what you want.

As an added bonus those customers who have had a ‘good experience’ customer service wise, will recommend you, and it will be free, as you have not had to spend additional time prospecting.

Of course there is the ‘flip side’ with poor customer service will quickly drive away prospective customers as we all know – bad news travels fast.


So review your customer service, even call some and ask for their opinion as often something which is blindingly obvious externally is often missed internally, as you are ‘too near the coalface’.


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Why not post your views on both good and bad customer service as we can all learn.




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