Random posts v. online marketing strategy

ConversationsTwitter, Facebook and the other social media channels can be addictive! It’s so easy to post your thoughts from desk, tablet or phone and there are some people who feel quantity is the way to get a foothold in the social media-sphere. However, having talked to quite a number of people who are running businesses, it’s astonishing how few actually have an online marketing strategy.

This isn’t rocket science and need not be particularly onerous, but it will ensure that your activity online has a point and you know how to measure the results. If you don’t measure any of your marketing activity at present, then this is a good place to start.

Here is a quick and dirty online marketing strategy:

1. Create a description of your ideal client.
2. Identify the social media platforms where this type of client is most likely to hang out i.e. B2C companies are often on Facebook, corporates on LinkedIn – but there are others.
3. What other activities online will raise your profile? Blogging, article marketing, newsletters, press releases, forums and groups. etc.
4. What results would you like to get from your online activity? The final result may be actual sales, but you may start with things like ‘weekly activity on our Facebook Page’, ‘500 followers on Twitter’, ‘appearing in 100 searches a month on Linked In’, being approached to guest blog on a prestigious industry site, getting an article published in an industry journal, etc.
5. What are the deadlines for achievement of each outcome?
6. How much time are you prepared to allocate to your online activities? Daily, weekly, monthly?
7. Who will be responsible for what? Ensure time is scheduled to take action.
8. When will you measure progress? Daily, weekly, monthly?

The next step is to generate content for posting, learn to use some of the tools that make it easy such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, WordPress and create a schedule that you can stick to.

Written by Lesley Morrissey

Lesley Morrissey

I’ve written since I was at Primary School and achieved ‘fame’ by having a poem read on the BBC Schools programme at the age of 9! Since then I’ve written features for newspapers and magazines and, this century, commercial copy for businesses big and small.

The aim is to persuade my client’s target audience to take action so copy needs not only to be in their ‘voice’, but also to be written for the reader full of juicy benefits.

In other lives I’ve been a training manager, an HR manager, a quality director and a speaker.

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  • Avatar Andrew van Loocke:

    Thank you for sharing your insights for some marketing strategy. Actually I am reading a book entitled The 5 star business network by Vivek Sood which is all over goodreads. It is about a wide and deep perspective on business trends and I want to let people read it. I like the book but I believe it is not as popular as other management books. I usually say that what is a use of a good book if it cannot sell right? So I am thanking you for giving me an idea how to spread the news about the book to the world. But don’t you think that it takes a lot of time, not to mention exhausting both mentally and physically, to maintain a website dedicated for marketing a product?

    • Avatar Lesley Morrissey:

      Thanks for your comments Andrew. Actually, I find that the secret to marketing successfully is a good plan and then it doesn’t take so much time, it’s integrated into what you do daily. Marketing is a cornerstone of any business and if you take small bites every day it doesn’t take much time or energy. If you really find it difficult to market your products I’d suggest you outsource some of it – although nobody can be YOU.

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