Is motivation all you need?

In my last blog I wrote about keeping motivation up for long periods of time.  But is this going to guarantee success? No.

There was an article in the business insider online magazine that was quite blunt about it, if motivation or visualisation was all we needed why was everyone not millionaires and happy? Because if you don’t have something else then your chances of making it are slim.

I have been talking about this thing for years, it is skill.  You can have all the motivation in the world but if you do not have the skills you need you are probably not going to make it.  I say probably because there are a very few cases in which someone makes it by chance but can they replicate that success over and over again, no. Those who can replicate success are those who have both the drive and skill.  Drive is just another way of saying that their motivation is high.

Skill is another thing completely. Someone a few weeks ago said you can succeed if you have enough drive.  I disagree.  You might have drive but if you do not have the skills to do what you want you are still not going to make it. Lets look at a few examples.  someone wants to be a dancer.  They dream of dancing on stage but they can’t dance at all, never took lessons or read any books just watched a few movies and dream.  Are they ever going to be a professional dancer? 

But the person who dreams of being a dancer, who lives and breathes dancing, watches videos, reads books, practices, practices some more, takes lessons, are their chances higher, yes.  Are they going to make it? maybe.  Depends how good they are.

Lets look at business,

  • You want to start your own business and do the actually work your company does very well, but you cannot call up potential customers or explain to them why they should buy your service.
  • You have bought into a business either franchise or MLM and are supposed to replicate their process but you never make a sale.
  • You are the manager of several people but can never keep staff long enough, and the staff are hostile towards you and do not do what you tell them.

Yes I have met people who fall into each of these, I myself have found myself in one. Is this my fault, to a degree yes, but does it have to continue? NO!

How can you go from motivated (or flagging motivation) to success? The right training or learning.

So many people offer training in the same field and even the same topic.  A person can attend several of these and leave feeling they have not learnt anything or still not understand.  There are several reasons.

Learning styles

There are several learning styles (8 actually) and if a trainer does not cover all 8 for every lesson they train then not everyone is going to get something from the course.  There are different training methodologies and styles out there, not all reach all people.  A person who wakes up one morning and says, I am going to become a trainer and starts marketing themselves as such without learning how people learn and several different methodologies will probably not become a great trainer.  I have been told that I am a natural trainer but I still feel I have learnt a lot through taking trainer courses and reading learning, development, and psychology materials.

The right level

The training could be the best in the world, the trainer making the course interactive, interesting and covers all learning styles and types but if the information on the course is not the right level then it can be a waste of time. This can be information that is well below what you need or way above what you need.  It can simply be that the language was industry language and not for regular folk. 

Information overload

This is another thing that occurs, the trainer or whoever requests or designs the training wants to accomplish more than is conducive to learning. The old “we only have 2 hours lets cover a days worth of training in that time”. Yes I have been asked to do this and in the long term it did not work.  Less can be more. You go into saturation mode, ever been there?  You can’t understand the most basic topics because your mind seems to have switched off.

Sometimes you can do the same course or training a few times, this can overcome overload because each time you attend you pick up something new.  If you need to pay for each course this can get expensive and seems a waste.

What is the solution?

Two things, you need to analyse what you need to learn. Then what type of training or learning will help you.

The right training is hard to come by and by training I don’t always mean you have to take a course, reading a book could give you the knowledge and skill you need.  You need to understand how you learn, do you like to work alone, with others in a discussion, reading, watching video, trying things out?

If you decide you have to take a course then ask questions, does it contain what you need to learn? Also ask for accountability, what if they say there is group work but when you get to the course you find you have to work out of a book alone. 

How do you decide what skills you need if you don’t know what you need? This is a common problem, a lot of people come on my courses, especially advanced ones saying they already know everything they need with the software they use but they were told they had to come on the course.  Every time at the end of the course they have been amazed at how little they actually knew even about topics they thought they were brilliant on. You don’t know what you don’t know is a common training phrase.

Why not ask someone.  I am currently trying to find out what I am lacking in a new business venture, a non training one. Why am I not selling? People tell me I am articulate and clear but why are people not lining up at my door, why is enthusiasm and motivation not enough? What am I missing?

Does this sound familiar? it has taken me over 6 months and one sale to find out one thing I am doing wrong or needed to learn.  If the right training or coaching had been given (right for me that is) then this could have been discovered within a couple of weeks.

Once you have the skills and the motivation you can get whatever you want.

Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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