Can video actually make money?

I was recently asked what video could add to a marketing campaign. As anyone who knows me knows, I like to cut to the chase; and so I told them how I’d provided a recent client an increase of almost 3.5 times their pre-engagement monthly income.

So what I could’ve said, before jumping to the all-important ‘return on investment’ that I’ve generated for my clients, is that video can do the following (amongst other things):

  • Build awareness
  • Increase traffic to website
  • Increase engagement through social media
  • Improve Google rankings
  • Increase visibility
  • Provides PR opportunities
  • Provides positive image opportunities
  • Creates lasting impressions of you/your business
  • Provides another way of communicating with prospects, edging closer to the sale

With the help of a well-constructed and produced video, all of the above is possible. Of course, it’s not possible if the video is written incorrectly, planned incorrectly and not carefully considered. And with the help of a video production company who understand and consultant on marketing, you’re able to take the above even further to win appointments.

But, forgive me, I’m beating around the bush to just give you an insight into the features of video production and so the above is what I ‘could’ve said’. I didn’t. I cut to the very end… But I need to give you a bit of an insight into how I got to the final figures of return on investment!

 “What can a really good video production and marketing agency bring to a company like mine?”

All these features look so attractive, but what do they mean? If your chosen film production company has produced a video for you that’s well planned, carefully scripted, delicately designed and then you engage the same production agency to help market it for you, what can you expect and how quickly?

We have just completed a return on investment audit for a client who worked with us over a 12 month period. We provided strategic planning, full video production (including writing the content, designing the content and planning of the filming schedule) and full implementation of the videos being marketed along with the service being provided by said company. They were operating at an approximate monthly turnover of £1,000. We provided over £52,000 worth of business opportunities for them that was recorded through avenues that by-passed us. There were further business opportunities that were as an indirect result of our campaigning.

So with this in mind, can your business afford to turn away this amount of revenue? And I hope you forgive my needing to talk you through how we win new business for our clients!


Written by Chrissa Wadlow

Chrissa has extensive experience in business and project management having spent her early career managing large teams within retail and later moving on to a business solutions company where she successfully launched a new business division. Chrissa joined Light Films in 2008 as an independent Business Consultant, where she rebranded the company on the strength of it’s product and gained the awareness and financial revenue that it deserved. Chrissa has brought Light Films into the limelight and her commercial acumen and expertise has provided the missing piece of the puzzle at Light Films.

Chrissa lives in Derbyshire with her husband and two daughters, and can often be found with her Nikon DSLR round her neck!

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