Want to really make your linkedIn profile more interesting?


One of the biggest complaints on Linkedin has been the difficulty in adding media rich items to your profile. Before you had to embed a video into a slide share or google presentation but now there is a little icon you need to make your friend.

linkedin media add in icon


this little square with a plus beside it allows you to add a portfolio, presentation, photo or video as long as it has an http:// address attached to it.

You get 2 chances to add information to each section of your profile. When you go into the edit profile mode you see the icon next to the usual pen icon to edit that section.

And then there is also now a “get discovered for your work” prompt at the end of each section that looks like this…..


linkedin media add in feature


So if you want to add a video testimonial, or let people see a presentation you gave then why not add them in now and see how it can boost how you’re found in the ratings. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us if you do so we can all go and have a look.

Written by Philippa Bowen

Philippa is an enperienced business owner who has worked in the private , public & charitable sectors and for large & small businesses. Her passion is helping business owners to get the best from their businesses in the most efficient manner & using social media to do that. You can usually find her on twitter at @philippabowen
or you can contact her via:
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