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I am a motor racing F1 fan and the past 10 days has seen the various teams launching their new cars for the 2013 season prior to the beginning of 3 test events in Spain.


Well what has that got to do with business and sales – quite a lot actually!

Obviously the various press launches of the manufacturers are planned to give as much press coverage and hence advertising of their product, but what else.

These cars are developed and produced to a very strict set of rules, which the teams push to the limits wherever possible with one objective in mind to win the F1 world championship both for the team and their individual drivers.

So what is the link?

The F1 cars are designed to meet a specific need; to go faster around a circuit than your competitor, with the maximum of speed, manoeuvrability and minimum losses.

Likewise your sales should be aimed at understanding your customer’s needs for that is their purchasing requirements without any ‘bells and whistles’.

Compare the F1 car with your own.

The F1 car does not have, for example, windscreen wipers, it does not need them, besides the point, at the speeds they go they probably would not work!

However your car does need the wipers for you to see properly in rainy conditions.

Do not confuse a customer’s needs with the features of your product. If a feature does not meet their need, it is superfluous.

Think about it when you are next speaking to your customer and most importantly, listen.

Written by Mike Vaughan

Mike Vaughan

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