Keeping your motivation up

Do you find that you lose momentum or have a lot of unfinished projects or business idea’s that you have not actioned?

How can you keep your motivation high?

It is different for each of us. I was sent a video by the guys at Market Samurai who put it best. Most of us cannot live for long on self control (the debate over having your favourite desert or abstaining) but if we have the right motivation we can do something indefinitely. Over a year ago a friend of mine and her husband decided to move abroad. they were planning to move in July of last year. She wanted to quit her job several months before so she could concentrate on packing, moving and finalising things.

Problem was the visa’s were taking longer than planned and she hated her job. How was she going to keep her job when all she could think about was quitting? We talked about it and her motivation to stay was money for the move. Her mantra became Pin Money. Every time she thought of putting her notice in she would repeat “Pin Money” several times.

I do exactly the same, different mantra, same technique. Sit down and think, really think about one thing that sums up what you will get or have after you reach your goal.

Whatever it is it must fill you with positive feeling, overcoming temptation. This will be your mantra.

Then write it down and put it where you can see it every day. Each time you feel yourself flagging say it a few times. If you do have a lapse don’t beat yourself up instead look on the next day as a fresh start. Wake up and say your mantra several times before getting out of bed.

Give it at least 6 weeks solid. If your mantra stops working, which can happen if a very long term project; then re-evaluate and create a new one. Then start the new day with your new mantra. 

In my next blog I will be blogging about whether motivation is the only thing that you need.

Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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