Time To Get Personal

I am not one of those bloggers who tend to rant and rave all the time. I don’t set out to offend anyone or be controversial.

However, enough is enough!

I am fed up of people using technology to create numbers not names and to completely ignore the personal touch – and I am sure I am not alone.

So this is a rant about 3 things that seem to be occurring with greater frequency that not only annoy me but are also affecting how I see people and how likely I am to do business with them.

1)      Please do not assume that because I have given you my business card, I automatically want to be on your newsletter list! Offer me something of value and/or ask my permission – and let me know why this would be a good thing for me to do.

Business Person not Number

Treat people as humans not products!

I am not just a number so you can say you have x hundred or thousand on your list. Generally I like to keep in touch with people and if I receive a newsletter when I have not been asked I will generally unsubscribe and will often make little effort to reconnect.

2)      If I have only just met you (or if I have not met you), please do not ask me for a recommendation. Yes, having recommendations on your LinkedIn profile might make the numbers look good. However, asking me to write something when I would have no idea what is true and valuable puts my integrity in question and makes you look desperate.

I love to give recommendations for people I work with and appreciate, I value recommendations people give to me – and I am not going to give you a glowing endorsement based on 1 conversation. Please think before asking for a recommendation – then it will mean more for you and for me.

3)      When I receive an email newsletter or article and I like what is said, I will often respond to that. I may make a response or ask a question. Now I understand that some people may receive thousands of emails every day – and not everyone does.

Receiving no response when I have taken the time and made the effort to read what you sent to me and respond to you is disappointing. It doesn’t have to be from you, an assistant is fine but no response makes me feel like a number and it is not great.

So I ask you today to consider yourself and the way you treat people. Are you treating people as a number or as a human being? Please make an effort to show respect and treat people as humans – a few tweaks can really reap rewards.

Written by Ruth Thirtle

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