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I have heard people who talk, sometimes for years about having their own business but they never do it.  One of my friends has talked about it since I met her over 4 years ago but she has not yet done much.  Do you talk or think about starting your own business but have not?


Do you feel you need to know more in order to start your business? There are a lot of people who do research and reading about having a business but never feel they know enough. There are different types of businesses, it depends on the type whether you need to know a lot or nothing when you start.

There are franchises, networking marketing, self employed as well as Limited and more. Each has a multitude of levels or options. Being self employed could mean that you occasionally do extra work outside of your normal job but it could mean that you employ other people and rent business premises.

Franchises and network marketing are similar in that you are joining a set business process, you need to follow a plan that someone else has created.  This can be the easiest way for people to start their own business.  You learn from an organisation that has already started a business and has a process that works. Does it work for everyone, if they follow the process exactly then it should. But not all provide the same amount of training or support and that is where the research needs to be done.

Is someone going to teach you how to do everything? Can you call someone when you want support? Is there a weekly or monthly meeting, and is someone going to go with you for your first few meetings or sales?

I know a few people who have had network marketing and franchise businesses, some have had brilliant support and some have had to pay a lot of money but got nothing back.  Those who had great support did not have to pay out a lot.

I have also been involved in and am still in a network marketing or multi level marketing business, you have to ask a lot of questions, the same is true for franchises.

  • What is the initial investment?
  • Is there recurring payments you need to make? How much is it?
  • What training is provided initially?
  • What support and training is provided on a regular basis?
  • What is the return or ROI (return on investment).  How much do you make on a sale?
  • What paperwork needs to be done?

Once you know the answers then you can decide if you like the product. 

By starting this way it can be easier to start another business later, they teach you what you need to know and you can apply that to other businesses that you may start later. My first network marketing business I asked a lot of questions, I didn’t sell much but I learnt about my tax return and business deductibles.

If you want a business, don’t automatically say no when someone wants to talk to you about a business opportunity selling whatever, look at it as a stepping stone. You may find that it is the start of something more.

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