How hard do your headlines work?

If you look around you when you’re out and about there are headlines all over the place, in shop windows, on posters, on leaflets, banners and notices. They’re there to grab attention and, mostly they work.

As a business owner you need headlines to grab attention too. On your website, your blog, your marketing flyers, your newsletter and every email you send out to potential clients or sales letter you write. If I had a pound for every website I have visited that had:

Welcome to our website



as the headline I’d be very, very rich!

A headline needs to get attention in what it says and in the size of text (so it stands out from everything else around it) and position on the page (so it’s where people are looking). On a website it needs to tell people ‘this web page will tell you something about what you were searching for’. This means you need to know your audience well and what is important to them.

It’s not just the Home page that needs a headline – every page needs one. You don’t know where your potential client will land. If they’ve found your site via a search engine they will land on the page that has the key terms they’ve used to search; that is usually a dedicated product or service page and they may never see your home page.

  • Emails that are used for marketing and brochures need an ‘Open me’ headline on the front or in the subject line.
  • Blogs need a title that tempts people to read more.
  • Newsletters need an interesting title or subject line to get people to start reading.
  • Flyers and marketing material needs a prominent headline to get people’s attention so they pick it up and read more.

Think about what your target audience want and then write your headline – remember that the better the headline, the more people will read your message.

Written by Lesley Morrissey

Lesley Morrissey

I’ve written since I was at Primary School and achieved ‘fame’ by having a poem read on the BBC Schools programme at the age of 9! Since then I’ve written features for newspapers and magazines and, this century, commercial copy for businesses big and small.

The aim is to persuade my client’s target audience to take action so copy needs not only to be in their ‘voice’, but also to be written for the reader full of juicy benefits.

In other lives I’ve been a training manager, an HR manager, a quality director and a speaker.

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