The top five myths of safe web browsing

There are  a lot of misconceptions out there about safe web browsing. Without the facts it’s impossible to stay protected against today’s changing threats.


Myth: A strict browsing policy that only lets users visit trusted sites keeps us safe.
Fact: There’s no such thing as a trusted site and users may be easily bypassing your policy

Myth: Scanning downloaded files for viruses keeps us secure. 
 That won’t help you against drive-by infections,

Myth: Using a secure browser like Chrome offers better protection.
 Chrome is subject to exploits just like any other browser and the more popular it becomes, the more it will be targeted.

Myth: Macs are more secure than PC’s.
Fact: Malware is now targeting Macs and having more success than ever.

Myth: The only way to protect offsite users is with a VPN or cloud service
Fact: The best way to protect offsite users is to have web filtering integrated into every laptop

To keep your organisation secure against today’s changing web threats, here’s what you should be looking for in an effective web protection solution:

* Advance real-time web malware protection that goes beyond signatures

* Multi-layer protection that uses URL filtering, behavioural analysis, and HIPS to stop threats

* Application control and vunerability managment to reduce your risk surface area.

* Endpoint protection for all your platforms, including Macs.

* Web protection that travels with users for secure web access from anywhere.

* 24/7 global web threat intelligence with the latest web-specific detection technologies.

* Complete IT administrator control and visibility no matter were users are.

* Reduced network complexity without the downloads of a SaaS or proxy solution, such as backhauling, latency and single point failure.

* Seamless scalability for easy expansion over time.

We always try and keep our articles, jargon free and not too techy however we do understand that some people actually do like it!

If you’d like to understand more about the above points or would like one of our guys to come and check your web security please do contact us today.



Written by Karen Wilson

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