Real Magic of Hollywood

Last month I had the pleasure to be at The Coaches and Entrepreneurs Extravaganza for 4 days at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

It was a great event with many speakers, experts and authors in the room and involved. 90 amazing people in one place – and I believe the relationships formed there will be a big foundation for my business and my life in the coming years.

So, you might be asking, why am I telling you this and how will this help you?

The Magic Castle - great networking inside!

Have you ever spent time with people who are negative and lacking drive and motivation? Spending time with those kind of people will tend to sap your energy and drain you.

However, spending time with people who are driven and motivated will help you to play a bigger game and give you more energy and motivation. I am sure you have noticed that too.

So as we look to build relationships that will help us in our business and our lives in general, it is important that we become conscious and strategic in the people we spend our time and energy with. Being at this extravaganza has helped me to realise what can happen when motivated, driven and positive people come together.

Here are just 3 of the things that I took from my time in Hollywood – and none of them involve movie stars – and I hope they help you too.

  • Experts are students too. Other than 3 or 4”headline acts”, the rest of the speakers were at the event for some or all of the days. They were sharing meals, socialising and generally being interested in what was happening. They were there to share their knowledge AND to learn from others – very refreshing to see.
  • Receive what people have to offer you. Business is less about give and take than it is now about give and receive. People see you differently to how you see yourself. I received compliments from people that barely knew me about my “obvious” abilities; I received gifts by being open to share ideas and receive. I was asked why I was not open to receiving and where else I was blocking things coming into my life – confronting yet enlightening and transformational.
  • Everyone has something to offer – and that includes you (and me!). I spoke to a number of high profile people at the event with big consulting and speaking businesses – and they were asking me for advice. Advice about networking, advice about the VIP days I offer, advice about working with start ups. I had something to offer people because of being open to share – and you have plenty to offer too.

I would encourage yourself to consider the situations you are putting yourself in. Are you surrounding yourself with people that value you, challenge you, offer you opportunities – and will help you grow?

Written by Ruth Thirtle

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