Everybody’s talking about it …

When it comes to our business isn’t that what we all want? Everyone talking about how good we are, what a great product we’ve got, how fantastic our services are?

Who wouldn’t want to be the subject of daily conversations the way an iPhone or TV programme (like The Apprentice) are? How many people have heard of YouTube videos ‘going viral’ and wish their business video was as popular?

The answer is – most people in business! However, there are things you can do to encourage your information to be spread far and wide. Share your expertise:

  • In your social media – tips, advice and suggestions
  • In offline networks – offer to give 10 minute talks at local networking groups
  • By blogging about it and helping educate people about your specialism
  • By handing out marketing material that has useful tips on it as well as your main message

Use tools such as:

Tweet old post
Hootsuite scheduling

To reach many people and recycle material.

If you have good slideshows (not the ones that have loads of words on every slide, but ones that actually show diagrams and processes) turn them into presentations you can share on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Cross-pollinate your material by

  • Pinning pictures from your website onto Pinterest and your Facebook timeline.
  • Posting your blog entry links on all your social media accounts (with an appropriate comment or intro)
  • Guest blog on other sites to gain visibility to new audiences.
  • Write articles and post them on article marketing sites like ezine articles.
  • Form a comment group by getting together with half a dozen other bloggers and agree to post comments on each others’ blogs.

You should be beginning to get the idea by now – you can be your own propagator of viral content – yours!

There’s some interesting information about ‘going viral’ in this blog.

Written by Lesley Morrissey

Lesley Morrissey

I’ve written since I was at Primary School and achieved ‘fame’ by having a poem read on the BBC Schools programme at the age of 9! Since then I’ve written features for newspapers and magazines and, this century, commercial copy for businesses big and small.

The aim is to persuade my client’s target audience to take action so copy needs not only to be in their ‘voice’, but also to be written for the reader full of juicy benefits.

In other lives I’ve been a training manager, an HR manager, a quality director and a speaker.

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