Discrimination in the 21st century

Recently the UK government has stated that it is considering making positive discrimination legal to try increase the number of female senior executives and board members in our large businesses. And then last night I read an article that stated that in the USA it is becoming common in job adverts to state that only currently employed people to apply for the job.

I worked for all of my corporate life in a very male dominated environment – engineering. I was lucky that I was never accused of getting a new job/ promotion because I was female. I DID however get asked to undertake additional roles because of my sex, but they were things I was happy to do as long as they didn’t interfere with the delivery of my day job. I was also always given the opportunity to say no with no penalty.

Now I haven’t been job hunting since I was in my 20’s. But I can imagine nothing more discouraging than being told that the only reason that you are ineligible for a role is the fact that you don’t already have one! I also can’t understand why anyone would consider including that statement on an advert, not even to reduce the number of applicants. Imagine the talents you’re ignoring!

So while I’ve faced questions as to my abilities and my experiences as a female engineer and now a business advisor, and have been mistaken for the marketing or sales person in a meeting with a male colleague I have never faces blatant discrimination. Have you?

Written by Philippa Bowen

Philippa is an enperienced business owner who has worked in the private , public & charitable sectors and for large & small businesses. Her passion is helping business owners to get the best from their businesses in the most efficient manner & using social media to do that. You can usually find her on twitter at @philippabowen
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