Are you looking for quality or quantity?

In the current economic climate, many businesses have seen a decline in the number of customers in the last couple of years yet a focus on quality rather than quantity may be a blessing for businesses.

 I hear so many people at networking events tell us they can do everything for everyone. Yet business owners will benefit from identifying their ideal customer then focusing on attracting that ideal to their business.

So often, business owners fear that they need to bend over backwards to attract anyone into their business yet the opposite is true. Quality attracts quality so by positioning yourself as a quality business, you will attract quality clients to you and profits will follow.

Business owners need to realise that they can be more successful by being more selective.

By being clear of your strengths, focusing on your own quality and knowing the quality of customer you want to attract, your business will be far ahead of the competition.

Here are the top 3 reasons that being specific will help you.

Being able to offer more tailored solutions. The products or services you offer only have value when they are a solution to a problem. Being able to focus on the problems suffered by a small group of ideal clients makes it easier to offer solutions.

Your elevator pitch will be more memorable. Have you ever heard someone give you the list of 20 things that you can do? When you heard another 10 elevator pitches, how many of the 20 things did you remember? How likely were you to talk to people about them? When someone asks for something specific, tells you a particular story or tells you a specific story does that help you more? I know it does me.

Your marketing is more effective – and more cost effective. When you identify the ideal customer and focus on attracting that client you can more effectively market to them. You can more easily identify where to advertise; you can more easily speak in their language; you can more easily identify their problems. This saves you money and gets you better results.

So I would love for you to take a good look at your business. Are you focusing on quality or quantity? How might you be able to improve your business results by focusing on less people?

Written by Ruth Thirtle

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