We backed the bid, now we really need to back team GB, using social media of course!


I’ve spent my weekend glued to the TV, the pc and my phone – why? Well I’m a huge fan of the Olympics whatever country they’re held in. So to have them on the doorstep is a real thrill and I’m loving the fact we can access every minute of every event. (I’m also looking forward to seeing some things live next week but that’s another story…..).

But a couple of things have struck me over the last couple of days when the athletes have been interviewed and also from the commentators: The impact that social media is having on these games as never before. An in particular everyone seems to be talking about  twitter, which was music to my ears – “My name is Philippa and I’m a twitaholic”

Twitter themselves said that even before the opening ceremony kicked off on Friday there had been more tweets about London 2012 in that one day, than there were during the entire games in Beijing.

So many of the athletes have their own twitter account and are using it to tell us what its like from their perspective. But also to share how much they are appreciating the feedback and support.

Lizzie Armistead or @L_armisTead to her twitter followers (who won silver in the women’s cycling road race on Sunday, just in case you’ve been living in a bubble for the last couple of days) gained 30,000 followers during the race alone and they’re still rising. And she’s not the only one. Clare Baldwin (@clarebaldwin1) last night encouraged people to follow the members of the swim team, especially those who had the fewest followers like Liam Tancock (@liamtancock). And Gary Lineker  (@garylineker) was talking about twitter, saying he followed Becky Adlington (@beckadlington), but she didn’t follow him back.

And for me I loved seeing all the feedback from everyone watching the opening ceremony. It seemed that was all there was in my timeline, whatever country they were in, and I’ve enjoyed seeing other people watching certain events. So whether you’re going to an event, watching from home, sneaking a peak while you’re at work, or following the action on twitter while you’re at work then lets all get behind Team GB and let all our athletes know that they’re a pretty impressive bunch, who’ve sacrificed so much to represent us so well at this amazing event on home soil.



Oh and if you want to follow me well I’m @Philippabowen for most of the time.

Written by Philippa Bowen

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