Would you say what you tweet?

Is twitter the last bolt hole of the coward? A radical question perhaps but one I believe warrants investigating.

How many times have you seen tweets from people making comments on TV programmes, sports stars and business leaders that they simply would not have the gall to say their faces? What’s more, how often do you think they consider the potential damage they may cause not only to a person’s public relations but also the grief they may heap on their personal lives? I would argue probably none at all. Twitter is so easy to use and accessible that reactions are almost instantaneous. You only have to look at how the BBC’s Question Time encourages people to join in the debates on Twitter (even though it is pre-recorded so  comments are out of sync) to see how the medium is being used to engage people in real time. It seems that Twitter has bred  a rampant desire in people to comment on every aspect of their lives and everything they see and do (and ironically when they are supposed to be having such a great time they feel the need to stop doing it to tell everyone) – especially if it is something they can do to pull someone else to pieces if they happen to be in the public eye. I use Twitter like everyone else to comment on society, news and current affaires much like anyone else but what I have noticed is a tendency to believe that comments should not be challenged.

Tweeters seem to think that they are entitled to tweet anything they like because it is “their opinion” and it’s on their own Twitter space – wrong; it is a public statement and can and should be challenged. There is a real danger that Twitter is turning into a propaganda tool rather than one used for effective multi-channel communication. You only have to look at how auto posting from marketeers has proliferated of late to see what I mean – but that’s for another blog.

Written by Graham Parker MA MCIPR

Graham Parker MA MCIPR

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